At the height of their long, cruel war against the orcs, the army of King Rhobar II almost failed due to a profane problem - the lack of high-quality magic ore. The ore was indispensable to the noble blades and glorious armour of the paladins, the elite pride of the royal army. Quickly they erected magic barriers around the most valuable ore mines on the island of Khorinis, into which they threw prisoners, no matter how small their crime. Day and night the prisoners laboured to procure ore for the army... And procure they did, until one day, under the gaze of the mysterious demon conjurer Xardas, a nameless prisoner from the heart of Myrtana defeated a horrible creature called the Sleeper, and managed to destroy the barrier.
Buried under tons of debris only Xardas' magic could save the hero, who then set out for the island's capital Khorinis to find the legendary eye of Innos. At first, he was treated with suspicion by militia, citizens and paladins alike, but he managed to build an unequalled reputation with hard work and noble, heroic deeds. No wonder then, that it was his steel, his bow and his knowledge of magic that destroyed the undead dragon, avatar of Beliar, the god of death. Accompanied by the loyal companions he gathered in the course of his adventures, he sailed towards the mainland.
There he encountered the broken remains of Rhobar II's once powerful kingdom, which the orcs had by now almost completely overrun. With clever tactics, the power of the sword and the purifying flames of his magic, he put an end to the war and paved the way for a united Myrtania, where orcs and humans, although not on friendly terms with each other, could live together peacefully at last. Together with his powerful mentor, the apparently immortal black mage Xardas, he went into an exile beyond any known spheres.

But the peace did not last long. A human named Thorus, who had risen to the highest ranks amongst the orcs, guided them to war again in order in an effort to take Myrtana for himself. With great difficulty, the nameless hero stopped Thorus, prevented another conflagration and swore to reunite the kingdom for good. To ensure this he crowned himself sovereign, King "Rhobar III".