Rhobar III and the Myrtanians

After his victory over Thorus and the orc army king Rhobar III sets himself an ambitious goal: to reunite the kingdom of Myrtana, which has drowned in chaos: Once, Myrtanian banners fluttered proudly across the entire continent, but now civil war holds sway over all. Thus Rhobar, king of Myrtana, summons a respectable army and moves out to end the civil war overshadowing the continent. He conquers and pacifies Northmar, then Varant. His motives are noble - King Rhobar's army has brought much longed-for peace to the people.
Now Rhobar orders ships to be built to take his army to the Southern islands and free them as well. But on the journey over the seas, something happens to the brave king. His mind darkens, and his condition gets worse and worse. His men start to worry, and when Rhobar debarks on Argaan he is too weak to command them himself... Instead, his two generals, Lords Hagen and Lee, take over and conquer the strategically valuable port of Thorniara.

Now, Rhobar, deeply troubled and closer to madness than reason, sits on his wooden throne in the fortress of Thorniara... and seems incapable of controlling the fate of his own kingdom. General Lee and his troops advance towards Setarrif, the royal eastern town in the province of Argaan. Lord Hagen and his paladins cross the gorge of Thorniara to take the western provinces of Argaan. And the king keeps staring into the distance....
The allies of the once nameless hero

Rhobar was once the nameless hero - and his faithful, longtime companions Diego, Gorn, Milten and Lester had joined his campaign to pacify the kingdom. But since arriving on Argaan, Rhobar doesn't even talk to them any more. Not long after, and for uncertain reasons, the four friends were removed from the king's entourage.

Renowned heroes do not take such treatment lightly. Diego helps the people of Argaan by smuggling urgently needed goods past the same Myrtanian warships that had brought him to the island. Gorn, always a friend of clear command structures, enters the service of the baron of Stewark as a mercenary. A huge tree in the south of the island inspires a thirst for knowledge in Milten - he discovers symbols of all three gods on the tree and promptly founds a multi-cultural order, the Tooshoo-Brotherhood, that unites fire, water and light mages in peaceful research. Lester at first accompanies Milten, but Milten's Tooshoo-Brotherhood was not for him after all, and so he wandered off to become a hermit in the swamp.