2010-12-09: [Review] on www.worldofmeh.com

When writing a review, you’ll name-drop the game in question multiple times. If the title is less than catchy, you’ll abbreviate. For example, I’ll happily review “Fallout”, but wouldn’t touch “World of Warcraft” with a really long pole that’s used for barging. “WoW”, however, is a different story. Anyway, I’m reviewing ArcaniA – Gothic 4, but which is it to be? ArcaniA, or Gothic 4?


2010-10-19: [Review] at www.pcgamer.com

This is the fourth game in the Gothic series of fantasy RPGs, but it’s the first with new developers Spellbound at the helm. The new “Arcania” title is an attempt to signify a fresh start for the franchise, but there’s nothing especially new about Gothic 4.


2010-10-08: [Review] Game Informer Italy Review 80%

Game Informer Italy reviewed ArcaniA - Gothic 4 in their awesome magazine. Check it out:

[http://press.jowood.com/UPLOAD/ArcaniAWebsite/arcaniaGAMEINFORMER Italy.pdf]

2010-08-18: [Preview] GMC Italy Previews ArcaniA


2010-07-12: [Preview] at www.ign.com

Stepping into a wide open, more user-friendly fantasy world.


2010-07-12: [Interview] at www.Gamespot.com

GameSpot's Kurtis Seid gets a look at Arcania: Gothic 4 at the E3 2010 showfloor


2010-05-20: [Preview] at www.Gamespot.com

We get our first look at this upcoming sequel to the Gothic series, then grill producer Kamaal Anwar for more details.


2010-04-29: [Preview] at www.Gamespot.com

We pay JoWood a visit and check out the latest PC build of Arcania.