2010-12-22: ArcaniA + Gothic Bundle -50% on Steam

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2010-12-03: November 2010 Game of the Month: Arcania- Gothic 4

on Briley's Writing Conclave

His Fazit:

Overall I felt that Arcania: Gothic 4 was a great game to play and I did personally enjoy the plot all the way until the end. There are quite a bit of cliche and unmemorable moments plastered throughout the game as well so it certainly does not deserve the "greatest RPG of all time title". It does however provide a fresh experience, and easily maneuverable game-play for the RPG noobs and novices. If you aren't fond of the more daunting RPG titles out there, this game is certainly one to check out.

The best system to play the game on is a PC as the graphics and interface are better suited. The game is also available for the Xbox 360, where I did most of my playing.

I believe that all RPG fans out there should at least give this one a try, and I don't mean pop the game in and play for five minutes only to toss it out or trade it. A serious try for a game like this is investing some time into your character- you just may find after playing for a bit that you too enjoy venturing in Arcania.

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2010-11-09: Congratulations!

The ArcaniA - Gothic 4 Contest is over! Five lucky winners will receive their amazing ArcaniA - Gothic 4 gifts soon - T-shirts, bags, flip flops and the game itself are waiting to be sent to you! The correct answer was: 8 babies were born during the development of ArcaniA.

2010-10-12: Hotfix improves performance on specific systems

JoWooD and Spellbound just released a hotfix for ArcaniA, which distinctly increases performance on specific systems. This hotfix is available via the Auto-Updater.

2010-09-28: DEMO RELEASED

The official demo comprises the first two hours of the game and shows the beginning tutorial level on Feshyr Island featuring selected quests. As a shepherd, the new nameless hero is living on the Island in peace but dark clouds are coming over to Feshyr and now it`s time for the hero to come to terms with his fate. “We’re excited to give everyone the opportunity to play the official Demo of ArcaniA – Gothic 4 and get a feeling for the game and its quality”, explains Markus Reutner, Head of Marketing JoWooD. ArcaniA-Gothic 4, the official successor of the famous Gothic series will be released on the 12th of October 2010.

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2010-07-12: ArcaniA goes Facebook

Yes, exactly! From today on, you can show everybody that you´re an official Gothic Fan – just join our brand new Facebook Group “ArcaniA – Gothic 4”. The group doesn’t just offer a ton of information like the latest ArcaniA previews and screenshots, but also lets you take part in cool sweepstakes! We start off by giving away 5 pairs of ArcaniA – Flipflops – the ideal summer and beach accessory to all new members of the group! So what are you waiting for? Surf to Facebook and get involved! Group on Facebook

2010-07-11: Website Relaunch

The New ArcaniA Website features more information, more screenshots, the latest trailers and more… check it out!